Jase Finlay: he lives in the air

The Jase Finlay Big Air Challenge is back in 2014. The goal is simple: capture your best air, show it to the bodyboarding world, and win a pro board.

Jase Finlay and our friends at Riptide Magazine have teamed up to crown the best aerials in amateur prone riding. Between July 7th and August 1st, you're invited to pull the biggest air of your career.

Call a friend, capture video of yourself, and upload your clip to your preferred video platform. Easy. Finally, send the link to the Jase Finlay Big Air Comp and wait for the results.

The weekly winner will be announced each Friday, while the overall winner will be crowned at the end of the contest. The best air will be awarded a Jase Finlay NMD signature board.

Don't forget that the winner will be picked with consideration of age of rider, size, of wave, size, technicality, style, landing, and innovation of the air. No sponsors are allowed.

"Its aim is to push the boundaries of our sport. To get the next generation motivated to go bigger and harder. Bodyboarding’s biggest draw card is its big airs off big sections, and that's exactly what motivated me to start this comp," Jase Finlay states.

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