Joe Bourke: he took it all

Joe Bourke claimed the 2014 NSW Bodyboard State Titles, at Crowdy Gap Beach, Australia.

The best bodyboarders in New South Wales were forced to move from Crowdy Head to Crowdy Gap Beach because of the wild five-to-six foot waves.

After the first round of competition at Jones Beach, Kiama, riders gave all they had to secure spots in the upcoming Australian Surf Festival.

Joe Bourke added another feather to his already bulging cap, when he netted a win in the Junior Boys division and the Open Men's division.

Bourke, who took out the Open Mens division in the first NSW Bodyboard State Titles event, was able to lock in heat scores in excess of 16 points to claim both wins.

Greg Arnold was able to back up the Drop-Knee victory with another win in the Masters division.

2014 NSW Bodyboard State Titles | Crowdy Gap Beach

Open Men
1. Joe Bourke (Copacabana)
2. Scott Arena (Ettalong)
3. Shayden Schrader (Port Macquarie)
4. Darcy Bourke (Copacabana)

Open Women
1. Shauna Gillett (Martinsville)

Open Drop Knee
1. Greg Arnold (Avoca)
2. Martin Fowler (Adamstown Heights)
3. Corey O'Donnell (Copacabana)
4. Dion Myers (North Boambee Valley)

Juniors (Under-18)
1. Joe Bourke (Copacabana)
2. Darcy Bourke (Copacabana)
3. Kane Brewer (Nelson Bay)
4. Isacc Evans (Port Macquarie)

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