Alan Munoz: experience pays off | Photo: APB/Pablo Jimenez

The top 16 bodyboarders in the world have entered competition at the 2014 Arica Chilean Challenge.

El Gringo is up and firing. The non-elimination round saw former world champion Uri Valadão scoring a couple of rare right-hand gems and skipping to Round 5. Amaury Lavernhe followed the Brazilian.

Guilherme Tâmega scored a 9.67 barrel ride, tying Diego Cabrera for the highest score of the event so far, on his way to winning his Round 3 heat. Ben Player, a world title contender, also displayed an impressive performance and is through to Round 5.

Interestingly, 15-year-old talent Tanner McDaniel scored a 9.33 to beat his mentor, nine-time world champion Mike Stewart, along with the rest of the competitors in the heat. A champion is in the making.

Pierre-Louis Costes boosted big flips to win his heat, and to finish off Round 3, spectators watched as veteran Brazilian competitor Roberto Bruno hammered down a 9.67 to secure a spot in Round 5.

In the repercharge heats, Airam Cabrera, Helliton Loureiro, Alan Muñoz, Sebastian Siede, Christian Fernandez, Eder Luciano, Brahim Iddouch, and Lucas Nogueira managed to advance to the next round of waves at Arica.

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