2009 Rheopaipo Pro

Some of the best bodyboarders from Australia, and the world were on hand, to compete in round one of The Rebel Sport Pro Tour at the prestigious Rehopaipo Pro last weekend at Duranbah.

Running over three days, with the final day dishing up some classic Duranbah wedges, the event also doubled as the first round of the QAB (Queensland Association of Bodyboarding) state championship series.

In the Pro Men’s final it ended up being an all QLD affair as local knowledge proved to be a major advantage.

Mitch Rawlings had a slow start with Jake Stone slamming a massive back flip of a solid 6 footer landing hard to finish off with a spin and a roll and being the main man to catch, only to have Joe Clarke quickly fight back whipping a nice stylish ARS (Air Roll Spin).

Corey McLean was next to notch a high scoring wave smashing a full vertical inverted air to land hard in the flats.

Rawlings, showing his long knowledge of the Duranbah waves, waited patiently getting bread and butter moves in until the dying moments of the heat when a six-foot wedge popped up.

Quick to pounce, Rawlings flew down the face and wacked it hard flying into a full rotation air reverse landing smoothly and pulling off to solute to the screaming spectators who were applauding the fantastic final.

“Duranbah is one of the best suited waves for bodyboarding around Australia! I love coming home every year to compete at Duranbah,” said an elated Rawlings, after taking the crown.

“The level of competition is getting so much better and if you’re not on your game you’ll be knocked out,” he added.

At the end of the contest it was also confirmed that the last leg of the Pro Tour will wrap-up at Duranbah in November in conjunction with the Australian National Titles of Bodyboarding.

In the Pro Drop Knee final it again proved to be an advantage to have local knowledge with Dane Pope from Gold Coast showing a stylish but powerful approach to the powerful Duranbah waves.

The next round of the Rebel Sport Pro Tour will be held at Soldiers Beach NSW this weekend with the Soldiers Beach Pro and NSW State titles.

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