Sumatra: waves and jungle

Ben Player has spent ten days in the Sumatra jungle, in Indonesia. In that period, he scored epic waves and filmed a short movie.

"Sumatrium." The title says it all. When Ben Player, Ed Saltau, Dean Fergus, and Rod Owens decided to get out from their comfort zone, they knew they would find something special.

"We went up to Sumatra in the hope of having an adventure by exploring some new surf locations to film and shoot, and we stumbled across some of the best surf locations we have ever laid eyes on," confirms Player.

"There's no crowds, the beach breaks are like something you'd draw in your maths book as a kid and the reef breaks have enough juice to keep you on your toes."

With a total running time of 13 minutes, "Sumatrium" will get you buying plane tickets to the sixth largest island in the world, home to 22% of Indonesia's population. The movie was directed by Edward Saltau.

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