Alex Odriozola: runner-up and winner of the best move | Photo: Eduardo Suárez

Alex Sebastian has emerged victorious in the Andrín Bodyboard Challenge 2014, held near Llanes, Spain.

The event had two entirely different stories. In the first day, waves were small and challenging; the second and final day brought vertical ramps and superb riding conditions.

The Spanish contest held in the Asturias region delivered performances at a very high level. Bodyboarders rapidly started pulling enormous backflips, vertical take-offs, quick barrels, inverted airs and giant El Rollos.

Don't play with the Spanish wave riders. They know what they're doing. Alex Sebastian, Xabi Urrestilla, Alex Odriozola and Inigo Martinez were able to reach the final heat, where everything would be decided.

Odriozola showed off with a breathtaking aerial 360; Urrestilla pulled a great air reverse, but Alex Sebastian wanted a second title in Andrín. He posted two flawless barrel rides on the judges' score sheet to solve the equation.

Andrín Bodyboard Challenge 2014 | Main Event Results

1. Alex Sebastian
2. Xabi Urrestilla
3. Alex Odriozola
4. Inigo Martinez

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