2014 Portuguese Bodyboard Pro Tour: the power of Nazare | Photo: APB/Pedro Carvalho

Manuel Centeno and Joana Schenker have been crowned the 2014 Portuguese Bodyboard Pro Tour champions, in Praia do Norte, Nazare.

The waves were pumping in the 10-foot (three meters) mark, and there was absolutely no wind blowing in the famous bodyboarding peak. With perfect conditions, the show didn't disappoint those who witnessed a full day of barrels, airs and el rollos.

"I still can't believe it happened to me. The last weeks were very difficult because of my arm injury, so I'm ecstatic with this title," expressed Manuel Centeno, one of the most experienced bodyboarders in Portugal.

Centeno, 34, has won his seventh national bodyboarding title. In the Women's division, Joana Schenker finished a fantastic season marked by a European victory with the complete domination of the Portuguese Bodyboard Pro Tour.

"It's great to close the year this way, with a win in Nazaré under these prime conditions, and a national title. Thank you to those who supported me!" added Schenker.

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