Guillermo Cobo: the Frontón King 2014

Guillermo Cobo has conquered the Frontón King 2014, at Galdar, Canary Islands.

El Frontón didn't deliver the biggest waves of all time, but the Canarian beast did provide pretty contestable rides. If you're a bodyboarding enthusiast, then this spot is for you, no matter if it's pumping six or ten-foot ramps.

Guillermo Cobo opened the final with a three-point wave for an aerial move; Rodriguez answered with a clear rounded rollo awarded with 4.5 points.

The final got underway with long intervals between sets. With ten minutes to go, Cobo completed a perfect ARS to improve his overall score. But the clash was tight, and Rodriguez was not ready to let go and kept busy.

With five minutes on the clock, both riders were tied with 10.65 points. However, Cobo stole a small right-hander, managed to improve his overall score, and got crowned Frontón King 2014.

Frontón King 2014 | Final

Guillermo Cobo, 13.75 def. Dailos Rodriguez. 10.65

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