Ryan Hardy: still stoked after all these years | Photo: Surfing Australia

Ryan Hardy has conquered the Good Earth Mandurah Pro 2015, at The Wedge, in Australia.

The experienced bodyboarder had an extraordinary week. After taking over Reeflex Wetsuits, Hardy went on to claim the first event of the 2015 Australian Bodyboard Association (ABA) Tour.

"Super amped to take the win at the Good Earth Mandurah Pro on the weekend. Props to my Reeflex Wetsuits team riders who ripped it apart and placed well over the weekend as well," expressed Ryan Hardy.

"Hardballs" narrowly defeated Tom Rigby in the dying minutes of the final by nailing an 8.10 wave and securing a 0.26-point overall advantage over his rival (15.53 to 15.27).

Before the Mandurah Pro finals, ABA Tour's maiden Pro Junior contest went off with Theo Hinchliffe defeating Noah Symmans, Lochie Breakey and Noah Aubort.

In the Drop-Knee division, Dave Winchester stole away the victory from Lewy Finnegan, George Humphreys and Davis Blackwell. The next stop on the 2015 ABA Tour is the NMD Duranbah Pro, in April.

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