Jase Finlay: a deep victory lap

Jase Finlay has taken out the Australia/Pacific stage of the 2015 Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour.

The bodyboarder from Bawley Point, New South Wales, outdid his opponents by a very narrow margin. Finlay collected 19.5 percent of the votes, against Nick Gornall and Chase O'Leary's 19 percent.

"I can't believe it panned out like this. I saw the other clips and was impressed with the surfing especially Nick, Chase and Rob Laurie. I thought I had no chance. What an event and what a concept. I see this as the future of competitions in our sport," expressed Jase Finlay.

The Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour judges Damian King, Ben Wells, Michael Novy and Michael Chapple were confronted with a dizzying array of variety when adjudicating the videos.

​"Finlay, Gornall and Rob Laurie got my top votes because if I wanted to explain bodyboarding to someone who didn't know what the sport was those clips would explain bodyboarding perfectly," explained Chapple.

"Big boosts, technical riding and big pits from Jase and Nick (plus some tow outs), but I love the speed and how smooth Rob Laurie surfs. That speed and style always turn into smooth, massive clean boosts from him."

Finlay, Gornall and O'Leary will now move onto the FSB World Finals in November/December of this year. In recognition of how close the final scores in the event were, event directors have awarded Rob Laurie with a wildcard into the 2015 Finals series.

2015 Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour | Australia/Pacific Results

1. Jase Finlay
2. Nick Gornall
3. Chase O'Leary
4. Rob Laurie
5. Lachlan Cramsie
6. Jacob Hein
7. Garth McGregor
8. Ryan Sewell
9. Elliott Williams
10. Nick Rubesaame

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