Canary Islands: perfect slabs for advanced bodyboarders | Photo: Hugo Garcia

The Canary Islands have great waves for bodyboard addicts. But the archipelago located just 60 miles off the southern coast of Morocco is also the perfect playground for a new generation of fearless riders.

Warm waters and epic surf spots. The Canaries have been considered the "Atlantic Hawaii" for their powerful reef breaks, and fast and heavy barrels. Sometimes, you have to put your life at risk to ride the islands' gems.

"Not Think Bodyboard Film" showcases some of the best spongers in the Canary Islands. Fabian Rodriguez, Juan Gabriel, Ale Suarez, Moi Dorta and Danil Gil may not be worldwide superstars, but they're charging like no one else.

El Quemao, Spewpits, The Bubble, El Confital and El Fronton are some of the most famous bodyboarding spots in the Canaries. Hugo Garcia, the movie director behind "Not Think Bodyboard Film", spent 18 months capturing the airs, the tubes, and the maneuvers landed in the Spanish autonomous community.

Adding the Canary Islands to your list of must-surf spots is mandatory. But if you've got 43 minutes and 20 seconds, watch "Not Think Bodyboard Film" and take notes. You'll ride these slabs better.

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