Michael Ostler: a near perfect final at the 2015 Tand Invitational | Photo: Simon Heale

Michael Ostler has conquered the 2015 Tand Invitational, in South Africa. The finals were held in offshore winds and six-foot barrels.

The 5th edition of the Tand Invitational was exciting as ever. But it also caused injuries - dislocated shoulders, cuts to the face and feet were part of the bodyboarding game.

One of the highlights of the event was Pamela Bowren, the event's first ever female rider, who won her heat with two incredible barrels. As a result, she sent boys home early.

The final of the 2015 Tand Invitational had two-time world champion Andre Botha, world junior champion Tristan Roberts, South African champion Michael Ostler, as well as the talented young gun Wian Oosthuizen.

Andre Botha opened the final with a Perfect 10-point ride, involving an incredibly deep barrel to cut-back combination. However, every rider in the heat was just as hungry for the win, with each wave exchange resulting in a new heat leader.

Tristan Roberts managed to land the first ever gainer flip in South African competition, however, in the closing minutes Michael Ostler took off on a wave that saw him get barrelled, and coming out with a clean backflip.

The judges had it all locked in. Michael Ostler is the 2015 Tand Invitational grand champion.

2015 Tand Invitational | Final

1. Michael Ostler (18.37)
2. Andre Botha (16.60)
3. Tristan Roberts (16.37)
4. Wian Oosthuizen (15.83)

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