APB Tour: seven stages lined up for 2015 | Photo: Jimenez/APB Tour

Japan (Tahara), Portugal (Sintra and Nazaré) and Puerto Rico (Isabela). The 2015 APB World Bodyboarding Tour has confirmed the last four events of the season.

The bad news is that Teahupoo is no longer on the schedule. The organization led by Alex Leon didn't explain why Tahiti's best-known spot was dropped, but there's still a big wave bodyboarding break in the calendar. And that is Nazaré.

Amaury Lavernhe will start defending his commanding position in Japan. The Tahara Pro will run between September 4th-6th, at Long Beach or Loco Point.

"With Japan having a strong presence in bodyboarding over several decades and a huge participation rate, we really need to stage an APB event in Japan this year and collaborate with the region as we expand internationally into the future," underlines Leon.

The APB Tour will then travel to Portugal for a two consecutive competitions - the Sintra Portugal Pro (September 22nd-2th) and the Nazaré Pro (September 29th, October 4th). The last event of the year will be the Encanto Pro Cultura (November 4th-15th), held at Middles, Puerto Rico.

"To host the final competition of the year and to crown the Men's and Pro Junior world champions in Puerto Rico will be an honor for the town of Isabela," said Natasha Sagardia, the event promoter.

"It's been an incredibly challenging year involving a lot of hard work amidst a very uncertain economic climate and the confirmation in itself is a huge success."

APB World Bodyboarding Tour | Rankings after Stage 3 of 7

1. Amaury Lavernhe (REU)
2. Uri Valadao (BRA)
3. Jared Houston (ZAF)
4. Lewy Finnegan (AUS)
5. Iain Campbell (ZAF)
6. Jose Otavio (BRA)
7. Pierre Louis Costes (FRA)
7. Sergio Luis (BRA)
9. Diego Cabrera (CNY)
10. Antonio Cardoso (POR)

Waves are constantly breaking all over the world, and if you're on a surf trip or family vacations it's always good to know you can rent a surfboard anywhere there's a gem to be ridden.

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