Joana Schenker: ready for the World Tour | Photos: Miss Sumol Cup

Joana Schenker has once again taken the Miss Sumol Cup 2015, in Ilhavo, Portugal.

The German-Portuguese bodyboarder successfully defended the 2014 title, after outdoing Catarina Sousa by a very narrow margin - only 0.75 points - as well as Marta Leitão, and the 2014 ISA World Bodyboard champion, Teresa Almeida.

Leitão kicked off the exciting final, Almeida immediately answered, but Sousa fought back with a strong 7.50-point ride. Schenker waited for the best wave and quickly moved to first place until the buzzer sounded.

"The weekend could not have gone better. If I had designed a plan for this event, it would not have been so perfect. I was quite nervous at the beginning of the final, there were not many good waves, and I needed a very high score," reveals Joana Schenker, who also won the national final.

"I waited, and I found it because with a changing tide there were not many good waves. I think that the previous days were important for me to understand the ocean. I'm closer to the European title once again, but I need to stay focused until the end."

The last event of the 2015 Women's European Bodyboard Tour (ETB) will be held in the Madeira Island, in October.

Miss Sumol Cup 2015 | Final

1. Joana Schenker (POR), 13.00
2. Catarina Sousa (POR), 12.25
3. Teresa Almeida (POR), 9.80
3. Marta Leitão (POR), 8.35

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