Swell Hunters: charging hard

They're the "Swell Hunters," ladies and gentlemen. If you're a bodyboarder, you'll be proud of Ted O'Connor and friends. They absolutely shred.

There's surf rage, priority issues, boogie board versus shortboard drama, insane whitewater rides, high-end bodyboarding tips, blood, puking, and huge waves.

"We had our own rule. If you didn't charge, you'd have to find your way home," reveals one of the Australian chargers. However, a dangerous wipeout changed it all and left one of the members of "Swell Hunters" traumatized for a decade.

Jase Fernandez couldn't surf anymore. The idea of a breaking wave would scare him to death. After attending several spiritual guidance sessions, the bodyboarder was mentally ready to return to the waves.

"Swell Hunters" Ted O'Connor, Chris Hargreaves, George O'Connor, Tim Byrne, and Pat Gibney in the what can easily be considered the most adrenaline-fueled bodyboarding movie of the century.

Johan De Goede has taken out the 2018 Digicape Tand Invitational. The legendary event got underway in pumping eight-to-ten-foot waves in Cape Town, South Africa.

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