Mike Stewart: no signs of fatigue at 52 | Photo: Mike Cerrone

Mike Stewart will always be Mike Stewart. The nine-time world bodyboarding kept true to himself and won the Millers' Surf Big Island Challenge, in Honoli'i, Hawaii.

The Big Island has always been underrated when it comes to wave riding competitions. However, the river mouth spot near Hilo proved to be the ideal venue, with clean, glassy waves breaking in the six-foot range.

The third event on the 2015 Kellogg's IBA Hawaii Pro Tour had an in-form Mike Stewart surfing against the young guns. The 52-year-old bodyboarder surfed like a kid in a candy store.

"I was very selective. I also really applied myself on every wave I caught even if it didn't end up being a great wave. The fact that most of the waves were hollow I think played to my advantage as I was able to do combinations of moves in and around the tube, something I have quite a bit of practice at," explained Stewart.

"The idea of this Tour is to present a forum for bodyboarders of all disciplines to come together and exchange ideas and challenge each others skills. I want to push the level of riders to be the best they can be."

"Competition can teach you how to improve your strengths and shed light on your weaknesses and ideally how to be composed and mindful under pressure. These are useful life lessons," concluded Mike.

The veteran won the final with a total heat score of 16.50 points, leaving David Phillips in second, Sammy Morretino in third, and Mack Crilley in fourth. The last event of the season will crown the Hawaiian bodyboarding champion in Oahu.

In the Junior division, Tanner McDaniel saw Kawika Kamai pulling into a long barrel at the start of the heat scoring a 9.5. However, McDaniel kept his confidence going and answered promptly.

"It was early, so I knew there was plenty of time so I didn't give up and it paid off", McDaniel explained. The rider from Poipu, Kauai, found two good waves - a 9.10 and a 7.90 - and won the event.

2015 Millers' Surf Big Island Challenge | Finals

1. Mike Stewart, 16.50
2. David Phillips, 13,56
3. Sammy Morretino, 11.84
4. Mack Crilley, 7.50

1. Tanner McDaniel, 17.07
2. Kawika Kamai, 16.33
3. Peyton Oda, 12.73
4. Bryce Hollis, 8.67

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