Renan Faccini: boosting huge airs | Photo: Diego Villamarin

Renan "Crow" Faccini has been crowned winner of the South America/South Pacific stage of the 2015 Free Surf Bodyboarding (FSB) World Tour.

The last continental stage of the season included a hugely diverse number of regional surf spots. Bodyboarders from the Pacific and Atlantic oceans uploaded their best waves ridden in Brazil, New Zealand, Samoa, Tahiti, Chile, and the Cook Islands.

The fans and the judges watched powerful wedges, idyllic warm water reefs, flat bottom cold water slabs, and beach breaks. But the South America/South Pacific stage could only have one winner. And it was the young rider from Santos who took it all.

With 34 percent of all votes, Renan Faccini stole the event and confirmed a spot in the grand finale. He will be joined by runner-up charger Eric Gamez (18.6 percent), third-placed Guilherme Correa (16.3) percent), and fourth-placed Alan Munoz (15.8 percent), when the top 24 FSB bodyboarders submit their best three waves of the series: a barrel, an air, and a wildcard wave.

The FSB Final Series 2015 will be comprised of three early rounds. Round 1 will have the 12 riders who placed third and got a wildcard. Round 2 will display the runner-ups of all continental stages. Round 3 features the winners of all regions.

The first ever Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour champion will be announced by the end of 2015.

2015 Free Surf Bodyboarding World Tour | South America/South Pacific Results

1. Renan "Crow" Faccini
2. Eric Gomez
3. Guilherme Correa
4. Alan Munoz
5. Jolan Kilkenny
6. Fabio Aquino
7. Alan Espinosa

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