Ben Player: the Australian will return after injury | Photo: Specker/IBA

Ben Player and Alan Muñoz will compete in the 2016 APB World Tour season.

The Association of Professional Bodyboarders (APB) have announced the names of the two injury wildcards. They are three-time world champion Ben Player, and Chilean charger Alan Muñoz.

The 2016 APB World Tour will kick off with the Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational, on the 21st February. The top 30 riders will compete against a list of invited free surfers, and trialists.

"Alan Munoz suffered a serious rib injury while free surfing on the eve the Arica Chilean Challenge and was forced to withdraw from the event and all events in Europe following. Alan was awarded the injury wildcard after reviewing his claim accompanied by medical evidence and doctors submissions," stated the APB.

"Ben Player was on a routine photo shoot for a magazine when he suffered a severe, life-threatening injury in Ireland. Player ruptured his sternum and was air-lifted by helicopter to the nearest hospital where he underwent intense surgery and monitoring to stable his condition."

The 2016 APB World Tour has already locked in a full schedule. The world's 30 bodyboarders will ride for glory in 11 stages.

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