2016 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational: classic Pipeline conditions | Photo: João Ricardo/APB

The first day of the 2016 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational got underway in classic eight-to-ten-foot surf, on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

It's on. The world's best bodyboarders have kicked off the new season. And what a way to get things started. Round 1 and 2 were completed with plenty of barrel rides and huge air maneuvers, but there are already athletes lined up in Round 4.

Lachlan Cramsie is one of them. The Australian secured the second highest total of the day - 14.66 points - and joined Brazilian veteran Guilherme Tamega, who will also compete in the round of 16.

Two Tahitian bodyboarders are also through to Round 4. Julien Miramont and Angelo Faraire will mix up with the biggest names in the sport and, who knows, might be preparing a surprise at Banzai Pipeline.

2016 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational: air power at Pipeline | Photo: APB

Day one truly was a bodyboarding marathon. Organizers plan to seal the deal in one last day of competition, as the top 16 riders including Jared Houston, Pierre-Louis Costes, Jeff Hubbard, and Amaury Lavernhe, prepare to ride their first waves of the season.

2016 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational | Round 3 Results

Lachlan Cramsie (AUS) 14.66; Keahi Parker (HAW) 14.00; Davis Blackwell (AUS) 9.33; Paulo Barcellos (BRA) 1.83
Peter Piho (HAW) 10.10; Julien Miramont (TAH) 5.50; Shaun Pyne (AUS) 5.33; Tahurai Henry (TAH) 0
Guilherme Tâmega (BRA) 14.17; Angelo Faraire (TAH) 13.34; David Phillips (HAW) 13.16; David Taurau (TAH) 1.90
Dave Winchester (AUS) 13.66; Garth Macgregor (AUS) 6.50; Tim Hamilton (HAW) 1.77; Fred Temorere (TAH) 1.74

2016 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational | Round 3 Matchups

Alistair Taylor (RSA); Michael Ostler (RSA); Trevor Kam (HAW); Christian Riguccini (AUS)
Kainoa McGee (HAW); George Humpries (AUS); Ryan Hardy (AUS); Patrick Orr (HAW)
Spencer Skipper (HAW); Rusty Friesen (USA); Will Petrovic (HAW); Abner D'Arce (PR)
Magno Passos (BRA); Jacob Vandervelde (HAW); Dudu Pedra (BRA); JB Hillen (HAW)

2016 Mike Stewart Pipeline Invitational | Round 4 Matchups

Lewy Finnegan (AUS); Maxime Castillo (FRA); Lachlam Cramsie (AUS); Julien Miramont (TAH)
Iain Campbell (RSA); Dave Hubbard (HAW); Peter Piho (HAW); Keahi Parker (HAW)
Tanner McDaniel (HAW); Sacha Damjanic (CHI); Guilherme Tamega (BRA); Garth Macgregor (AUS)
Jared Houston (RSA); Charly Chapelet (REU); Dave Winchester (AUS); Angelo Faraire (TAH)
Pierre Louis Costes (FRA); Socrates Santana (BRA); TBC; TBC
Diego Cabrera (CAR); Jeff Hubbard (HAW); TBC; TBC
Amaury Laverhne (REU); Ben Player (AUS); TBC; TBC
Jacob Romero (HAW); Matias Diaz (CHI); TBC; TBC

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