Tanner McDaniel: living the Australian dream

Tanner McDaniel is ready to take on the world. But first, he has to survive the world's most challenging waves. And that was precisely what he did in the land of kangaroos.

He was once known as Mike Stewart's protegé but, nowadays, Tanner McDaniel is en route to becoming a world champion. It will happen, sooner or later.

In the last couple of years, McDaniel stepped up his game. It's easy to spot the lessons he learned, and how will his bodyboarding evolve in the next years. Tanner might be under 20, but he rides like a veteran.

In "Bangers and Mash," Tanner McDaniel shares his talent and wave knowledge with the world. The young Hawaiian spent ten days in Australia exploring the sharky wedges and fine-tuning his competitive trumps.

The aerial rotations, the tube rides, and the rollos are breathtaking. McDaniel enjoyed one of the best winters for surfing in Australia, and the final result is a portfolio of flawless moves, and smart choices.

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