Joana Schenker: third consecutive win at the Miss Sumol Cup

Joana Schenker won the Miss Sumol Cup 2016, in Ilhavo, Portugal. The Portuguese bodyboarder conquered the event for an unprecedented third consecutive time.

Miss Sumol Cup is one of the longest-running female bodyboarding contest in the planet. In the past 12 editions, the competition crowned women who went on to win world titles.

In 2016, the final was tightly contested, and the winner was only decided in the dying seconds of the heat. All four athletes - Schenker, Rita Pires, Teresa Almeida and Marta Leitão - could've clinched it.

The 2015 European bodyboarding champion started very well but Pires, who hasn't competed for two years, took the lead of the game when there were 10 minutes on the clock.

The strong currents made it difficult for the riders, however, Joana fought hard and stole the show. Not only she won the event, but she also scored the best wave of the Miss Sumol Cup 2016 - a 9.00-point ride.

"I begin to think that made a contract with Costa Nova because things here run pretty well for me. I am very happy with the victory, but halfway through the final, it didn't look good," explains Joana Schenker.

"I managed to turn it around. This is my second victory, and I've consolidated the lead in the European Tour. It was very tiring today. More than a bodyboarding contest, it was the ultimate physical test for all of us."

The result puts Joana Schenker in a very comfortable position in the European Tour of Bodyboard (ETB) rankings, but Teresa Almeida is still in the title race.

Miss Sumol Cup 2016 | Final

1. Joana Schenker (POR), 13.60
2. Rita Pires (POR), 13.00
3. Teresa Almeida (POR), 11.30
4. Marta Leitão (POR), 9.60

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