Storm Prestwich: he is ready to fight the Aussie Buccaneers | Photo: William van Niekerk

The Aussie Buccaneers are ready to invade the South African coastline.

Jake Stone, Michael Novy, Lachlan Cramsie, Shayden Schrader, Elliott Williams, Simon Cassidy, Liam Lucas, Nick Gornall, Jane Keel, Gary Thatcher, and Aaron "Azza" Glossop will touch down in the African continent to compete in a unique event.

Australia versus South Africa - it's as simple as that. The Aussie Buccaneers Tour will pit riders from both nations against each other in some of the wedgey delights of Cape Town, in a man-on-man format.

The innovative format was structured by the Australian Bodyboarding Association (ABA) and the South African Bodyboarding Association (SABA), and aims to promote the sport while fueling a healthy rivalry between both countries.

"I'm excited for the whole trip in general. To get away to a new country with what seems to have such a variety of consistent fun sizey waves, and to travel and push myself with some of Australia's and the world's best bodyboarders," notes Shayden Shrader.

There will be competitions held in Cape Town, Elands Bay, Jeffreys Bay, Riet River, Port Alfred, Margate, Durban, and Cave Rock. Ben Well and Clinton Millard will be the coaches of the Australian and South African teams.

The local riders will be waiting for the Aussie Buccaneers' arrival at Cape Town International Airport on the 11th November, at 8am.

Aussie Buccaneers South Africa Tour 2016 | Heats

Open Pro Men
Jake Stone (AUS) vs. Mafoos Lombard (SA)
Michael Novy (AUS) vs. Iain Campbell (SA)
Lachlan Cramsie (AUS) vs. Tristan Roberts (SA)
Shayden Schrader (AUS) vs. Storm Prestwich (SA)
Elliott Williams (AUS) vs. Michael Ostler (SA)

Pro Drop-Knee
Gary Thatcher (AUS) vs. Iain Campbell (SA)
Aaron "Azza" Glossop (AUS) vs. Dune Barker (SA)

Junior Pro Men
Simon Cassidy (AUS) vs. Jared Ensor-Smith (SA)
Liam Lucas (AUS) vs. Ethan Nel (SA)

Pro Women
Jane Keel (AUS) vs. Pam Bowren (SA) and Olivia Riets (SA)

"Get Gornall" Free Surf Heat
Nick Gornall (AUS) vs. Wilder Shultz (SA) and others

Aussie Buccaneers South Africa Tour 2016: the X marks the spot

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