Joana Schenker: unbeatable in European waters | Photo: Francisco Pinheiro

Joana Schenker has won the Zumaia Bodyboard Pro 2016 and secured her third consecutive European bodyboarding title.

The Portuguese bodyboarder from Sagres claimed the penultimate event of the European Tour of Bodyboard (ETB), and will not depend on the last result in the Azores to celebrate the title.

Schenker, 29, defeated Teresa Almeida, Carina Carvalho, and Rebeka Ugirreurreta in the final heat of the Zumaia Bodyboard Pro.

"I feel very happy and fulfilled with this victory. Reclaiming this title was one of the main goals of the year. With this victory, I finish my best competitive season of all time - I am a three-time European champion, three-time national champion, and finished fourth on the APB World Tour," expressed Joana Schenker.

The newly-crowned 2016 ETB women's champion was born in Algarve, Portugal, to German parents. She started bodyboarding at the age of 13 and, since then, Joana won multiple national and international titles.

In 2015, Schenker secured the bronze medal at the ISA World Bodyboard Games. For 2017, the Portuguese rider will certainly fight for a maiden APB World Tour title.

On the men's side, Alex Uranga beat Maxime Castillo, Brahim Iddouch, and Anas Haddar to claim the Zumaia Bodyboard Pro 2016. The male riders still have two stages left on the ETB calendar - Azores and Morocco.

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