Mitch Rawlins: always deeper and faster than any other bodyboarder | Photo: Venn/Surfing Australia

Mitch Rawlins is one of the most popular bodyboarders in Australia. The man who always excels in thunderous conditions is "back" with a classic film.

In 2006, he was the star of "The MitchVid 1.0" an action-packed, 30-minute bodyboard movie released with the issue number 155 of Riptide Magazine.

The fast and creative bodyboarder from the Gold Coast has never quite had an impressive career in the IBA and APB World Tour, but his off-the-road performances were always pushing the sport forward.

In 2015, Rawlins relocated to Tasmania and kept his low-key attitude even more discrete. Unlike many other free bodyboarders, Mitch rarely shares his rides via social media networks. For many, he is a mystery - a wave riding ghost.

The good news is that "The MitchVid 1.0 - The Mitch Rawlins Project" is available for our viewing pleasure. And what makes it more interesting is that, 11 years later, Rawlins' style isn't outdated.

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