Adrien Dubosc: a passionate bodyboarder and member of the Shark Watch Patrol

Bodyboarder Adrien Dubosc lost his life after being attacked by a shark in Pointe au Sel, near Saint-Leu, in Reunion Island.

The 29-year-old wave rider was a member of the Shark Watch Patrol and always stood against shark culling. He was an experienced bodyboarder and a regular competitor.

Dubosc was catching waves with two friends off the west coast of Reunion Island when the predator bit his right thigh and his groin area.

The bodyboarder was rapidly pulled out of the water, but when the emergency team arrived, he had already lost a lot of blood. The paramedics performed CPR four an hour, but Dubosc could not be revived.

In February, Alexandre Naussac died when a shark bit him in the femoral artery. He was one Adrien's best friends. In the last six years, nine people have lost their lives to sharks in Reunion Island.

Reunion Island has some of the most shark-infested waters in the world. Learn why, when and how do sharks attack surfers. Increase your chances of surviving a shark attack.

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