Lee Wilson: getting barreled at Gas Bay | Photo: Surfing Australia

Lee Wilson has taken out the 2017 SunSmart WA Bodyboard Titles, at Gas Bay, Margaret River.

The final event of the season got underway in epic wave conditions. Western Australia's Gas Bay was firing barrels, providing the ideal scenario for the selection of the State team that will compete at the Nationals.

Despite finishing third at Margaret River behind Henry Gibson and Ben Veitch, Lee Wilson secured his maiden WA Bodyboard Title.

"This is my first Open State title and to get the waves we had this weekend was pretty incredible. I'm looking forward to Nationals, and the Tweed Region has heaps of good waves," said Wilson.

Lachlan Hearne, from Geraldton, used his new school approach to claim the Under-18 Junior Boys division. Not only he is the new State champion, but he also conquered the event and the Pro Junior category.

"I've had a pretty stressful couple of weeks with exams at school, so to win in pumping waves is a great feeling. It was super close out there, and I want to do a shout out to all the Gero boys who have helped me get here today," added Hearne.

Twenty-one bodyboarders from Western Australia will represent the State at the Australian Bodyboard Titles, in August.

2017 SunSmart WA Bodyboard Titles | State Champions

Open Men: Lee Wilson (Margaret River)
Under 21 Pro Junior: Lachlan Hearne (Geraldton)
Under 18 Junior Boys: Lachlan Hearne (Geraldton)
Under 16 Cadet Boys: Patrick Franklyn (Fremantle)
Under 14 Grommet Boys: Max McGregor (Margaret River)
Drop-Knee: Rory Nelson (Cape Burney)
Over 35 Masters Men: Darren Hotker (Bunbury)

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