Lachlan Cramsie: the 2017 ABA Tour champion | Photo: Majeks/Surfing WA

Lachlan Cramsie won the 2017 Sun Zapper Knights Beach Pro and secured enough points to be crowned the Australian bodyboarding champion.

The rider from Queensland continued pushing his limits and conquered his third consecutive event of the season in the cold waters of Port Elliot, South Australia.

The organizers were forced to run the entire contest in one day due to an approaching storm. Bodyboarders were greeted with clean three-foot surf, and few barreling opportunities.

As the contest moved to the final rounds, the waves increased in size and power. Lachlan Cramsie and Liam Lucas met in the final and fought for the best rides amidst a rainstorm.

"I am the Aussie champ! I'm so damn stoked! Massive thank you to everyone who supports me, friends and family all around the world! I couldn't be where I am at without your support, so thank you all!" expressed Cramsie, your new 2017 ABA Tour champion.

The final stop on the 2017 ABA Tour is the Bodyboard King Northern Beaches Pro, held from June 16-18, in New South Wales.

2017 Sun Zapper Knights Beach Pro  | Final

1. Lachlan Cramsie (QLD) 13.00
2. Liam Lucas (NSW) 11.66

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