Ben Player: the ambassador of the Sydney Bodyboard Club | Photo: Jimenez/APB

The inaugural Sydney Bodyboard Club Invitational will take place at Whale Beach, in New South Wales, on 14 or 15 October 2017.

The non-profit event designed by the Sydney Bodyboard Club (SBC) hopes to attract athletes from different clubs headquartered in Cronulla, Central Coast, Forster, Newcastle, Port Stephens, and Sydney.

The goal is that riders hang out and exchange experiences with other bodyboarders, have fun and raise money for their local clubs.

The Sydney Bodyboard Club Invitational is a one-day competition and will be held every year. Revenue collected from entry fees will go to the winning club, and the winning trophy will be reused every year.

The contest will run six divisions: A, AA, AAA, Women's, DK, Masters, and Vintage. Bodyboarders can only participate in one division each.

Ben Player, a member of the Sydney Bodyboard Club, will attend the event and run a bodyboard clinic for all participants.

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