Gabriel Zaccaro: negotiating a slab wave at the Shock | Photo: Renato de Paula

Gabriel Zaccaro has taken out the VII Shock Master Challenge in four-to-six-foot waves, in Niterói, Brazil.

The event takes place at Shock, a famous slab located in Itacotiara, near Rio de Janeiro. The shallow reef break is one of the most dangerous waves in the country.

The seventh edition has once again showcased some of the best local riders. However, and for the first time since the contest began, an invitee finished first.

"It was an honor to compete in the event. It's all about the good vibes. Thank you for the invitation. This is the real bodyboarding wave, breaking in a rocky bottom - a perfect barrel," expressed Gabriel Zaccaro.

As always, there were some dangerous wipeouts and few minor injuries. Alex Simon had to be rescued, but the jet ski also suffered at the Shock hands.

Gabriel Zaccaro and local bodyboarder Guilherme Correa ended up tied on points, but because Zaccaro had the highest scoring wave of the final, he raised the prestigious trophy.

The best tube ride of the competition went to Leonardo Lobo.

VII Shock Master Challenge | Final

1. Gabriel Zaccaro (Copacabana)
2. Guilherme Correa (Itacoatiara)
3. Emiliano Tabaré (Argentina)
4. João Zik (Itacoatiara)