Bodyboards: ducklings love to ride them

What happens when a cute duck family tries to jump out of a swimming pool? You give bodyboards a new use as a rescue device.

The mother duck climbs out of the pool effortlessly, but the helpless baby ducks struggle to leave the cold water because they're still too small.

The matriarch didn't know what to do. She tried to teach how to get to solid ground, but the young ducks were still stuck in the pool.

Fortunately, there was a kind man and a bodyboard around to give them a hand. He tried hard not to scare the duckling, but things turned out to be more complicated than he would have thought.

The mom got angry and tried to defend her babies. So, he had to act fast. The young man leaned the board against the side of the pool and waited patiently while they figured out what to do.

Some of them learned quickly; others needed additional help.

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