Tom Morey: in 1985, the Morey Boogie board was already a worldwide hit

Less than 15 years after the invention of the boogie board, there were already bodyboarders getting deeply barreled at Pipeline.

In 1985, when a mini-documentary on the inventor of the revolutionary watercraft was broadcasted, Tom Morey was already a public figure in his own right.

The "Thomas Edison of the surf world" had created a three-pound board that enables riders to feel the thrill of the roller coasters.

The narrator tells us that the boogie board "turned out to be as American as The Beach Boys." Tom Morey was living the dream, and he wanted everyone to put their body on a boogie.

"The concept is just to make something soft and easy that gives the feel of a wave. So, once I realized that there was a place for this thing I could see it would be used in a lot of different ways," underlines Morey.

"But I had no imaginings that it would be as successful as it is. I'm plagued with inventions. My wife says that I got more inventions than a dog has fleas."

The footage features Ben Severson, Keith Sasaki, and even air bodyboarding stunts. It was shot a few months after the 1984 International Morey Boogie Bodyboard Professional Championships won by Mike Stewart.

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