Yoshua Toledo: getting barreled at La Cupula | Photo: Jimenez/ABF

It's almost finals' day at Playa Llacolén. The 2018 Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival (ABF) continues in La Cupula, one of the finest boogie waves in Chile.

Despite a slight decrease in wave height, the world's best bodyboarders were able to adapt to the conditions on offer and delivered exciting acrobatic performances.

Spectators on the beach and thousands of viewers who follow the live online broadcast witnessed the 2017 ABP champion, Neymara Carvalho, being eliminated in the quarterfinals at the hands of the Japanese powerhouse Ayaka Suzuki.

"I am happy to continue advancing in the competition. Neymara is a powerful opponent and is always fighting for the first places. I am delighted with the level I am achieving, and I hope to make it to the final stages," said Suzuki.

However, the surprises continued in the Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival. In Round 4 of the Men's, the biggest letdown was the elimination of Jared Houston. The South African struggled to find the best waves and finished third in his heat.

Nelson Flores, one of the best Chilean riders of the new generation is also out of the competition, but his fellow countrymen continue to dominate the event.

2018 Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival | Men's Round 5 Matchups

António Cardoso (POR) vs. Kevin Orihuela (CNY) vs. Lionel Medina (CNY)
Roberto Bruno (BRA) vs. Sammy Morretino (HAW) vs. Carlos Sanz (CNY)
Maxime Castillo (FRA) vs. Kevin Torres (CHI) vs. Isaias Ravyk (BRA)
Iain Campbell (RSA) vs. Socrates Santana (BRA) vs. Neiver Romero (VEN)
Uri Valadao (BRA) vs. Patrick Orr (HAW) vs. Yazdanny Castro (CRI)
Tristan Roberts (RSA) vs. Eder Luciano (BRA) vs Cristobal Fernandez (CHI)
Alan Munoz (CHI) vs. Sacha Damjanic (CHI) vs. Manuel Cepeda (CHI)
Lewy Finnegan (AUS) vs. Miguel Rodriguez (PER) vs. Yoshua Toledo (CHI)

2018 Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival | Women's Semifinal Matchups

Ayaka Suzuki (JAP) vs. Joana Schenker (POR)
Alexandra Rider (CNY) vs. Clare McGowan (GBR)

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