Tom Morey: surfing's one and only rock star | Photo: Melinda Morey

Eighty-two-year-old Tom Morey was submitted to two eye surgeries. And he is recovering well, despite a few minor complications.

The legendary surfer and inventor of the boogie board has been losing his sight for a while, making it difficult for him to continue his work and live an independent daily routine.

However, and thanks to the funds collected by the Friends of Tom Morey initiative, the visionary engineer-musician was able to undergo a delicate surgery to help restore eyesight.

According to the early reports, the medical procedure improved his vision, and he is now able to see some movement and variations in tone. Hopefully, Morey will evolve from a state of technical blindness to sufficient sight in a matter of weeks.

"Tom is very excited. He had another eye/cataract surgery earlier in the week, which had some complications. He is so grateful to all of you for helping make this happen, as am I," explained daughter Melinda Morey.

Morey had already talked about his first medical intervention. On June 7, he shared a few words with his fans and supporters.

"I'm pretty thankful to be alive, and for your support. With the hope you've given me, I'm going to be able to get enough vision so I can work, and manifest the things that are in my head," said Tom.

SurferToday wishes Tom Morey a speedy recovery.

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