144 bodyboarders ready for Pipeline Pro

February 19, 2008 | Bodyboarding

IBA Pipeline Pro

All indications are pointing towards a start tomorrow for the 2008 IBA Pipeline Pro.

Over 180 of the planets best riders crossed their fingers and 144 were accepted. Whilst media speculation suggests that Surfing sensation Kelly Slater (Florida USA) will retire this year at 36, Bodyboarding’s living legend Mike Stewart (Hawaii USA) has confirmed that he will once again contest the IBA World Men’s Tour at 44 years of age.

Mike has been a prolific figure in Pro Bodyboarding since it first boomed in the 80’s and he has maintained to be a the forefront of the sport ever since. To put things into perspective Slater has won 8 World Titles whereas Stewart has won 10.

“I am on an organic diet and I have never felt better or fitter” said Stewart. I am on a mission to see how far I can push myself both physically and mentally and with some of the new training methods that I have adopted hope to do well on this years Tour”.

Stewart has been an inspiration to several generations of riders and some believe that he will challenge the worlds best until he is 50. “That would be cool. I think that if you eat right and look after yourself that would be possible”.

Bodyboarding has long been considered a young persons sport but Mike is re-writing the record books and inspiring some of the older riders to follow in his footsteps.

Guilherme Tamega (BRZ) is another former multiple world champion who is making a comeback in 2008 after taking a year off at 35. Tamega has relocated to the USA and is also living in Hawaii with Stewart.

The IBA International Men’s Tour is about to be launched on Oahu’s North shore with the IBA Pipeline Pro and both riders will be hard to beat with so much experience and a home court advantage.

Source: IBA World Tour

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