Riverboarding: the Paterson brothers rule Ottawa River | Photo: Earth Veins

Welcome to Ottawa River, one of the most chaotic lineups on the planet.

Believe it or not, Canada has great waves. And some of them are waiting for you inland, where thunderous rapids meet wild rocky valleys.

When it comes to river surfing, Tom and Jon Paterson are always ready to introduce the provinces of Quebec and Ontario to the world.

So, if you've never heard anything about riverboarding, this is your chance to witness an exciting new water sport that requires helmets and high fitness levels.

It's not every day that you ride a choppy river wave with brown, tea-like waters, surrounded by bears, moose, and creatures you probably didn't know they existed.

Fortunately, this crazy duo is loaded with high doses of stoke and lots of creativity, which they channel to redefine the limits of bodyboarding and riverboarding.

At this river break, riding drop-knee is almost mandatory, and you're compelled to use less conventional gear like highly flexible bodyboards with grips.

The goal is to land and pull off somewhat unusual maneuvers like front flips, air screws, flips, board spins, tandem jumps, and other unnamed tricks.

Watch how Tom and Jon, and the crew from Earth Veins not only delivers an eye-catching show with plenty of unorthodox action but also a few humorous sketches.

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