Praia do Norte: a tricky beach break | Photo: APB

A bodyboarder passed away while surfing at Praia do Norte, in Nazaré, Portugal.

The 38-year old bodyboarder from Salgueiros, near Porto, was catching waves with a group of friends at the infamous beach break when the accident took place.

According to early reports, the Ricardo Baptista drowned around 11am and was taken out of the water by his friends. He suffered a cardiac arrest.

The paramedics arrived a few minutes later and tried to revive him, but the bodyboarder was pronounced dead at the scene.

The surf at Praia do Norte was not big and dangerous, but the spot is known for its tricky currents and heavy closeouts near the shore.

Baptista was riding waves in an unguarded area of the beach. It is the first fatality of a water sports participant at the Portuguese big wave surf break.

Ricardo was a tattoo artist and leaves a baby daughter.

Do you surf on a regular basis at pounding beach breaks or shallow reef breaks? Wear a helmet. It might save your life.

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