Joana Schenker: one of the best bodyboarders on the planet | Photo: Francisco Pinheiro

Joana Schenker has definitely enjoyed her year as world bodyboarding champion.

The 2017 APB World Tour queen continued on her quest to push the limits of women's bodyboarding, whether by fighting for a second world title, or free surfing her favorite breaks.

Schenker's end-of-year reel reveals an in-form rider landing ARS moves and getting barreled in Zavial, a beach break located near her hometown of Sagres.

"It's funny because it has a bit of an old school vibe to it and reminds me of something I used to watch in the early days with my friends before we would go catch some waves," explains Schenker.

The multiple-time national and European bodyboarding champion remained in contention for the 2018 APB World Tour title until the last waves of the season.

Joana finished third in Nazaré and saw Ayaka Suzuki claiming the top honor. Will she return in 2019 with her blue eyes on the ultimate bodyboarding trophy?

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