Roots: Portugal's first bodyboarding movie saw the light of day in 2001

"Roots," the first-ever Portuguese bodyboarding movie, has been digitized and released on demand by Boa Onda Productions.

The movie was originally released on VHS tape in 2001 via Vert Magazine, and quickly became a hit among the Portuguese bodyboarding community.

"Roots" features three years of rides and was shot in Chile, Hawaii, Mexico, Mozambique, Portugal, and South Africa. You'll predominantly see prone riding, but there's still a few drop-knee and stand-up stunts.

The 38-minute film influenced an entire generation in Portugal with its adrenaline-fueled clips, extravagant maneuvers, and dubious special effects.

Manuel Centeno, Rui Ferreira, Dora Gomes, Paulo Costa, Nuno "Barrela" Pereira, Bernardo Alvim, and Luís "Bajolo" Duarte, and Nicolas Capdeville are some of the riders who starred in "Roots."

Centeno and Ferreira would later conquer European and world titles flying the Portuguese flag.

"Roots" is available for a 24-hour streaming period for 0.9€, or download for 1.99€.

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