2009 Soldiers Beach Pro

The forth event on the 2009 Rebel Sport Pro Tour got underway today in clean 2-3 feet surf and the locals showed that a home court is an advantage.

Simon Cowan and Shaun Pettersen (Norah Head) were both convincing winners posting scores in the high 8 range.

“Yeh, the waves were good but selecting the best ones is always hard when you have four guys all scrambling for them” said Pettersen.

“I’m glad to get the first one out of the way. Its always a mental barrier for me and even though its my home beach its actually more pressure because my friends and family can come and watch, adding a bit more pressure than normal” admitted Cowan.

Other standout’s from day one included Ashley Bryant (Gold Coast) and Dallas Singer (Newcastle). The Soldiers beach Pro will continue on Saturday when the Top 16 seeds take on the qualifiers.

Number one seed Joe Clarke (Gold Coast) looked impressive in the warm-up session and said that the venue is perfect for competition.

“This beach pumps!! The way that the contest is elevated gives you a great vantage point for spectating and the peaky nature of the wave allows for some high performance moves” said Clarke.

Other high profile riders on show include defending tour champ Dave Winchester (Avalon), Corey McLean (Gold Coast), Brad Hughes (WA) and Charles Ward (TAS)

The Central Coast has two riders in the Top 16 to watch out for.

Dave Crowley (Wamberal) has been in outstanding form over the last few years and is currently ranked highly on the IBA World Tour whilst young 16 year old Mark Parsons (Copacabana) is one of the new generation of riders pushing the limits of the sport to new heights.

Tomorrow (Friday) will see the best amateur riders in NSW going head to head in the NSW State titles R2. The event will get underway at 7am.

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