2009 Arica Chilean Challenge

The ACC went XL today with conditions reading 12 ft out of the Southwest Direction.

Round 6 Heat 1 saw youngster Thomas (mini rig) Rigby beat current World Champion Uri Valadao with a huge rollo to end the heat. Heat two saw Hawaii's Jeff Hubbard take down the field with Rene Xavier coming in close second .

While Jeff was surfing his heat, Brother Dave (HI) entered the water but little did he know that it would be one of  the most dangerous  paddle outs in recent history. Almost getting pined against the rocks by an 8ft wave Dave said he wast stoke to make it out without injury and was able to calm himself enough to catch waves and progress into his next round.

In the same heat as David,  Magno Oleviea (BRZ)  was awarded the first 10 of the day and also gained the heat win with a massive roll coming straight off the bottom turn to the lip and into first place. Heat 4 round 6 was a difficult one with  Ryan Hardy losing out to Mark McCarthy and Brad Huhges who both surfed consistent.

Amaury Leaverne (FRN) had a great heat with big barrels against Mike Stewart (HI) who surfed solid as well with big rollos and was also stoked to watch his teammates progress in the other heats during the day!  Next up was heat 6 where Ben Player and Peirre Louis Costes made it through with Big Roll combinations that made the all the difference to progress.

Heat 7  was all about charging in the massive conditions and Guilherme Tamega excepted the Challenge and went to work on the tubing lefts that snuck through the closeout sets.  Ivan Hernandez (CAN) following his lead was able to hit enough lips and land to progress as well.

The final heat of the Day still had some great waves but the left seem to shut down due to the Westerly direction and Dave Winchester took note to this, rolling his was to the next round, while Francirley Ferre (Brazil) pulled big maneuvers on the inside to progress out of his hear.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved surfing's qualification system for the Tokyo 2020.

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