IBA Human Shark Island

The final day of the Human Shark Island Challenge looks like being contested this weekend with organizers shooting for a 1pm start on Saturday. “There looks like potential for Saturday” said Terry McKenna, contest director and General manager of the International Bodyboard Association.

“The 20 day window that we have for the event looks like it won’t dish up anything significant next week so we will take what’s on offer with this next swell”

“It would have been nice to get some massive swells during this period but you just have to deal with whatever Mother Nature throws your way. In comparison to the other IBA World Tour events the conditions are still awesome and highly contestable”

Swellnet forecaster Ben Matson says that a new southerly swell is expected to arrive on Saturday, originating from a low currently developing east of Tasmania.
"It's been a productive weather system for the southern states over the last few days, we've got a storm force wind warning out for Victorian and Tasmanian coasts, and a wave buoy off Tasmania's West Coast is currently recording average wave heights of nine metres.

Unfortunately, all of this activity has so far been located outside of Sydney's swell window, but I'm hoping that a strong south-westerly airstream developing east of Tasmania this morning will generate a new southerly swell for the New South Wales coast.”

Matson says that there are signs that we may see additional weather systems developing in the Tasman Sea next week, but he’s not confident that they will generate quality waves for Shark Island.

"The computer models we use to forecast long term swell patterns are indicating a few minor sources of east and southeast swell next week, but the broad scale weather patterns are not indicative of any major size across Sydney beaches. So even though Saturday's southerly swell won't be huge, it currently offers the greatest swell potential before the end of the waiting period on July 20th."

"Conditions are looking great on Saturday, with early light offshore winds tending variable in the afternoon, plenty of sunshine, and a slightly inconsistent but fun south swell somewhere between three and four feet", Matson said. “High tide’s around 4pm on Saturday, so we won’t be able to surf until the afternoon, probably just after 1pm”.

The quarterfinals, semis & finals will be staged and we expect a big crowd to line the point for what should be a great day. The event is the third round of twelve on the 2008 IBA World Tour.

Source: IBA World Tour

Surf forecasting is the process or method of predicting the behavior of swells and the breaking of the waves near the coastline.

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