Maui: a dream day for local bodyboarders

It's rare to watch 20 minutes of bodyboarding action in pumping conditions. This video shot in Maui will definitely make you a better bodyboarder.

Sometimes, the best watersports videos are the ones published without special after effects, magical edits, and music. Raw can often mean purity and authenticity.

December brought classic winter swells and great waves to the Hawaiian islands.

Fortunately, the crew from Pure Digital Maui had their fingers on the REC button and caught everything on camera.

Despite the crowded lineup, everyone got their share of perfect-peeling right-hand waves. And judging from the footage, it can only be Maui's Honolua Bay.

Jimmy Hutaff, Mack Crilley, Kaleo Delatori, Colby Long, and friends attacked the six-to-eight-foot Hawaiian bombs on offer and showcased the best prone and drop-knee performances the island has to offer.

Watch the locals backdooring Honolua Bay, pulling into the barrel and launching into the sky. But they will also go for the late drops and suffer the consequences.

One thing is clear: this time, spongers won the battle against surfers. They were better positioned and picked the best waves.

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