Greenaway Pro

With a potential date overlap between the bodyboard division of the Greenaway Pro in St Ives (4-5 September) and the Auto-Sleepers British Nationals at Porthtowan (5-6 September), the organisers of both competitions are co-ordinating their efforts to avoid a clash.

The bodyboard division of the Greenaway comp will now be held on Friday 4th September; leaving competitors free to compete in both this and the Nationals on 5-6 September.

Rich Hall from the British Bodyboard Club (‘BBC’) said “We recognise that the Greenaway Pro is a unique event, and that Tom had a lot of friends in both the sponge and stand-up surf communities”.  He continued “A lot of guys want to remember Tom by entering the memorial competition, so we’re pleased that we’ve been able to reach this accommodation”.

Matt Smith organiser of the Greenaway Pro said “we’ve had a lot of interest from the bodyboarders, so it was unfortunate to have the date conflict.  This was a sensible compromise that should allow everyone to do both comps if they want to.”

In the spirit of goodwill, the BBC have agreed that should the bodyboard division of the Greenaway Pro not run to completion on the Friday; any competitors who are still in the competition but have entered the Nationals will be permitted to check in by text or by phone on Saturday morning rather than in person at Porthtowan - thereby enabling them to complete the St Ives event first thing on Saturday and then head straight to Porthtowan for the Nationals.

Rich Hall said “We wouldn’t normally bend the established protocols like this, but we recognise the contribution Tom made to the sponge community and want to honour his memory”.

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