2009 SCION Jenks Pro

The 2009 SCION Jenks is set to start this week with day one of the waiting period starting September first. A check in for the USBA athletes was held today August 31st at 7pm at Jenkinson’s Inlet Bar and Restaurant.

Tomorrow will be day one of the events waiting period and already there is small swell on tap out of the ENE looking to provide surf in the 1-3ft range (Chest to head high plus). With this swell on the horizon and another at the end of the week the event organizers are opting to wait until Wendsday to start the contest.  Check in Wednesday will be at 8am for a possible start to the Pro men's heats.

The Women's Pro and Amateur divisions are schedule to be held this weekend starting Saturday and into Sunday with the Men's Finals possibly being held until Monday in time for a new swell!

USBA Champ and IBA World Tour leader Jeff Hubbard arrived today in NJ after his big with at the IBA Sintra Pro and was greeted by Jacob Romero and Jason Bitzer who where happy to see the Champ touch down in NJ.

The Jenks and USBA staff are looking forward to having him back at the event as he looks to bring home another Jenks Pro title. We wish all the competitors luck and we will see you at the Shore.

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