2009 Ferrol Deeply Pro

It was a cool and cloudy start to the day at Doninos beach for the opening rounds of the 2009 Ferrol Deeply Pro.

With a big swell and offshore winds forecast for the next two days organizers opted to just surf the opening rounds of both the Men and the DK.

In the first heat of the day Australian Mitch Rawlins set a high benchmark with a blistering combination of spins and rolls to finish ahead of Luis Perez (Spain). Mitch looked to be in great form and is keen for a good result here in Ferrol.

“Yeh, I am feeling pretty good” said Rawlins. “I missed a few contests this year but I will be trying my best to get points for next year so I can get a better seeding. I am keen to give the World Title a go next year for sure”.

Other standouts for day one were Alex Uranga (Spain), Yoan Florantine (Re-Union), Alberto Collucci (VNZ), Jorge Colomer (PRC), Aritz Larrinaga (Basque Country) and Chad Jackson (Australia) who all won heats in trashy but long winding lefts.

The second round of the Men will be surfed tomorrow in what is shaping up as great conditions. In the first round of the DK Dave Winchester (Australia) Ardiel Jiminez (Canary Isl) and Dave Hubbard (Hawaii) all blitzed their opposition to setup some interesting clashes in the next round.

At the end of day 1 the sun began to shine and the ocean started to pulse as a fresh swell makes its way towards the coast.

Source: IBA World Tour

Surf forecasting is the process or method of predicting the behavior of swells and the breaking of the waves near the coastline.

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