2009 Knights Beach Pro

The fourth annual Knights Beach Pro, South Australia's premier bodyboarding event, returns to Knights Beach in Port Elliot this weekend. 

The Knights Beach Pro is the penultimate event in the 2009 Rebel Sports Pro Tour; and will be a key event for any riders hoping to win the Australasian title. Shown by past event winners Andrew Lester (2007) and Dave Winchester (2008) who both went on to be crowned the Australasian Champion.

The event sprung from humble beginnings in 2006 as a field of no more than 30 competitors gathered to contest the event which was eventually won by Corey McLean (QLD). Since then the event has grown phenomenally and will hopefully this year include some of the world’s top named bodyboarders, including the likes of current world number 6 Dave Winchester.

Corey McLean (Qld) is currently leading the charge but there are some big names now back from the IBA World Tour in Europe with Winny, Mitch, Chad, Novy & Brad all locked in to compete.

"I still have a long way to go" said McLean who has just signed a deal as the face of RAW and Rebel Sport.

" All the boys will be keen for catch-up points after 5 weeks in Europe so it's going to be hard" said Corey.

Entries close 5pm Friday so if your interested in competing please  contact Terry on 0401023661.

The event is also a great opportunity for some of South Australia's most talent riders including brothers Eli and Dylan Beach, to gain national exposure for themselves amongst a world class field of riders.

The first three years of the Knights Beach Pro have scored perfect surf conditions and beautiful weather to contest the event. Contest organiser Tim Doman of Surfing South Australia will be hoping to continue this run of good luck and draw an even bigger and better crowd than last year.

"September is a really good time for surfing in South Australia, we have good swells, good weather and often days of offshore winds"   Tim said.

"I will rarely check the charts before this event as we have only two days to run it and I only want to hold it at Knights, so if the weather is good, that's awesome, if not it's too bad but the show rolls on.

"This is my favourite event on the surfing calendar, it is always such a spectacle to watch the guys throwing it all on the line at Knights".

This weekends event also coincides with round three of the bodyboarding state titles, which is the states best amateur riders the final chance to qualify for the 2009 national squad at Duranbah, QLD.

Surf forecasting is the process or method of predicting the behavior of swells and the breaking of the waves near the coastline.

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