Hugo Pinheiro

Hugo Pinheiro is the 2009 European Tour of Bodyboard (ETB) champion.

It is the third time that the Portuguese bodyboarder from Costa da Caparica clinches the title.

The first ETB victory was conquered in 2003 and another one was achieved in 2004.

Pinheiro was crowned the Euro king in the Mohammedia event, in Morocco.

Marta Fernandes, also from Portugal, is the new queen of European bodyboarding.

Hugo Pinheiro is also competing in the 2009 IBA World Tour.

The next stage will be held in the Canary Islands between 1st-8th December.

Results in Mohammedia:

1st – Kahalil Zahir / MOR
2nd – Silvano Lourenço / POR
3td – Hugo Pinheiro / POR
4th – Brahim Iddouch / MOR

1st – Joana Schenker / GER
2nd – Fatim Zahara / MOR
3td – Sandrine Carassou / FRA
4th – Imane Agouhali

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