Top IBA World Tour bodybaorders get ready for the final round at El Confital

History was made today when the IBA showcased its own rich roots with a presentation of the former and current world champions to a packed media gallery in Gran Canaria.

Mike Stewart, Jeff Hubbard, Guilherme Tamega, Uri Valadao, Damian King, Ben Player, Karla Costa Taylor, Neymara Carvalho & Marina Taylor were proudly introduced to the media as the final event on the IBA World Tour gets underway at Confital.

The local government, Dept of Tourism and many other sectors came together to make this event possible and they were all represented today.

"The artwork looks like a Boxing poster" said IBA General Manager Terry McKenna.

" And if this was a boxing match, it would be the equivalent to a heavy weight match between Hollyfield and Tyson".

Tomorrow all competitors are asked to assemble at the event site for an official welcome at 7.30am and the first heat of this contest will be underway at 8.30am.

The forecast for the event was upgraded from OK to excellent last night so the script could not be better.

Mike Stewart at 47 can become the oldest world Champion in the history of the Sport. ‘I’m very happy to still become competitive at my age. Is good to know that I can still give a hard time to these new competitors. My family is always a motivation, that’s why they are here with me.”

Tâmega is the only Brazilian with mathematical chances of a world title in 2009. “Well the moment of truth has arrived. I want to get my job done and see what happens. To be honest I’m in a very comfortable situation with no pressure at all. It’s like a poker game where I will attack the table with all my strategies. I have nothing to lose.”

Neymara Carvalho, former world champion is about to make history in being the most victorious woman competitor. “Since I arrived I just think on the competition. There are excellent competitors out there that aren’t fighting for the world title but still are very hard to defeat. I pray that I have a good wave choice and I will leave in god’s hand.”

The current leader of the 2009 men world tour, Jeff Hubbard is very excited for the competition. “Things are good here at Confital, we have a good forecast and some pretty good action is coming up for the entire competition. We all got to put our best in action to take it. It’s going to be fun.”

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