Jacob Hein

The final leg of the 2009 RAW Pro Juniors summer series went down at Cronulla Beach this week (Sunday 17th January) as the best juniors in Australia fought it out for a return ticket to Hawaii.

It was the third and final leg of the series and a full field entered the one-day winner-take-all contest.

The event got underway at “The Alley” at Cronulla and the surf was only small but the moves were huge.

Early favorites Sam Bennett, Tom Rigby, Thorpe Waluew and Sam Strachan all surfed up to expectation and by the time the semi’s hit the water the fresh onshore breeze had pushed in some much-needed swell.

The first prize was a return trip to Hawaii to the first event on the IBA World Tour at Pipeline in Hawaii, so the juniors were pushing each other to get a win.

Jacob Hein is from the Coffs region but hangs out a lot in Port and he looked determined for a win from the get go.

He won every single heat and surfed a perfect final to walk away with the trip to the North Shore of Oahu.

“ I am still a bit shocked” said Hein.

“ These guys all rip and in all honesty I did not expect to win”

“ I’d like to thank the guys at World Bodyboards as well as Mick and Debbie at BSC” he added. Second place went to Scott Breheny, with Sam Bennett and Tom Rigby making up the lower places.

The RAW Summer sessions was a great success and the concept will expand to QLD & WA in 2011.

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