Bodyboarding Aruba

Bodyboarding Aruba and IBA International welcome all bodyboarders to the Tropical Island of Aruba for the first ever event, The Arubian Aruwak Pro 2010!

This event will be from the 15th to the 20th of June. The locals in Aruba are excited with this extraordinary event since bodyboarding is booming on the island and to see the world’s best rip in Arubian Waters will be amazing.

Aruba has its fair share of consistent waves like: Dos Playa, Andicuri, Wariruri, Urirama but the Arubian Aruwak Pro 2010 will be held at Aruba’s Launching Machine Shark Bay!

Shark Bay is a very unique wave, it’s a sand bar that provides a lot of wedges but with perfect peaks. It barrels 90% of the time and it’s a hollow and very powerful wave.But on top of all that it’s really known for it’s incredible launching power!

Even on a 6ft day shark bay can provide launches to about 2 meters high so this is a perfect spot for bodyboarding! Aruba is really looking forward to the Arubian Aruwak Pro and hopes to get all the world’s best riders to attend in June to compete in the newest addition to the IBA World Tour.

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